Shorter than the other models, yet contemporary and easy to wear thanks to its smaller size, this Tabarro takes inspiration from the garment used by the troops and officials of the Royal Italian Army between the end of the nineteenth century and 1918. With the blue design replaced due to the need to use camouflage and blend in with surroundings during battle, its grey-green model was salvaged from a second-hand dealer, and recreates the one used by Nazario Sauro during the Great War. This garment is available in a rough fabric, which is identical to the original due to the type of wool used, the thread count, and the weave: Panno Piave, made from pure virgin wool.

  • Full-circle
  • Raw-cut edges
  • Fabric collar
  • Strip of undercollar fabric
  • Model also available for men

Panno Laguna

80% virgin wool
20% polyamide

Panno pastore art. Piave

100% pure virgin wool with rainproofing treatment

Velour Alta Uniforme

100% superfine wool

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PRICE: From 490€ to 990€